Spring Dodgeball Greenvale Thursday

Key Details

Spring 2020 Dodgeball
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
May 7th to June 18th
Sid Jacobson JCC, Greenvale
9 Teams (max)
Team Size
8 - 14 Players; 2 Girls Required
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Team Fees

  • Early Registration: $700 $50.00 each with 14 players expires April 12th
  • Registration: $775 $55.36 each with 14 players expires April 19th
  • Late Registration: $850 $60.71 each with 14 players

Free Agent / Group Fees

  • Early Registration: $76 expires April 12th
  • Registration: $86 expires April 19th
  • Late Registration: $96
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Last Updated 02/03/2020.


  • 6 on 6 – Minimum 2 women; 4 players including 1 woman required to start the game
  • Games are 7 minutes long. Each team will play 4 games in a night (3 teams round robin style)
  • Each game may have multiple rounds. Overall score wins the game.
    • Once a team is completely knocked out the winning team receives a score based on the number of players left on the court and the game is reset. The overall score after 7 minutes wins the game.
    • At the end of 7 minutes all players left on either side of the court gets added to the overall score.
  • A player is out when hit by a ball, their thrown ball is caught or they cross over the center line.
  • Subs may line up on the sideline and re-enter when a ball is caught (max 6 players on the court)
  • The team not playing in the round robin will provide 3 players to be referees (one on each end line and one at center court)


  • Teams will play four 7-minute matches in an hour (3 team round robin style) with the “off” team acting as the referees.
  • The overall score, as determined below, will decide the winner of the match and each team will have a record out of 4 (i.e. 4-0, 2-2, 0-4) on a given night.
  • The court will be marked with sidelines and end lines. Players can go out of bounds to catch a live ball or recover a dead ball. They must come back into play as quickly as possible. You can not throw a ball from out of bounds.

Match Play

  • The team not playing will assist in refereeing the games. They will have the authority to call players out.
  • To begin the match (or on a reset) the balls will be lined up at mid court and the players will race from their own end lines to begin the game. The balls must then travel to your own end line before being thrown in an attempt to knock out a player on the opposing team. (Should we include this?)
  • A player is out when a thrown ball hits any part of their body (no headshots allowed), a ball they threw was caught, or by staying out of bounds to avoid throws. You many use a ball to block a throw but if you drop the ball while using it as a blocker you are out. If you block the ball into a teammate the teammate is out. If a ball ricochets off you but is caught by a teammate you are saved and the thrower is out.
  • Subs – Players who do not start a round must line up on the sideline. If a player on the court gets “Out”, they will go to the end of the sub line (closest to mid court). A sub may enter or re enter the game when one of their teammates catches a thrown ball. The max of 6 players and/or 4 men must be sustained. Players will enter based on their spot in line and enter at the end line. Subs may not help get balls that went out of bounds or prevent a ball from leaving their side of the court.
  • Players may not kick the ball.
  • Players may not squeeze the balls
  • Players may not wear gloves.
  • A team may not control all of the balls for more than 5 seconds or a majority of the balls for more than 10 seconds. A player may not hold the ball for more than 20 seconds. Time is at the discretion of the volunteer referees.
  • Scoring – While the game lasts for 7 minutes the overall score will determine the winner and may consist of a few rounds. A team receives points by knocking out all the opposing teams players and counting the # of teammates left on their side of the court. For example, if Team 1 knocks out all of Teams 2’s players in 3 minutes they will be winning 3-0 from that round and the match will resume. There can be multiple restarts and rounds within a 7-minute span. At the end of 7 minutes the game is stopped and the number of players left on the court is added to the overall score. A new round will not be started with 30 seconds or less left on the clock.


  • Half the league will qualify for the playoffs.
  • The same format is used but only the winning team in the hour will advance or if it is the finals be the overall winner. The winner is the team with the best record in the hour. If two teams have the same record the first tiebreaker will be head to head matches and the 2nd tiebreaker will be overall score in those matches. The 3rd tiebreaker would be the overall score vs. the remaining team.