Spring Volleyball Massapequa Monday

Key Details

Spring 2020 Volleyball
Game Day(s)
Game Time(s)
May 4th to June 15th
LI Sports Dome, Massapequa
16 Teams (max)
Team Size
8 - 12 Players; 4 Girls Required
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Team Fees

  • Early Registration: $550 $45.83 each with 12 players expires April 12th
  • Registration: $605 $50.42 each with 12 players expires April 19th
  • Late Registration: $660 $55.00 each with 12 players

Free Agent / Group Fees

  • Early Registration: $86 expires April 12th
  • Registration: $96 expires April 19th
  • Late Registration: $106
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Ways to Register

Register as Team

Complete Team

A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league.

Join with Friends or Small Group

Join as a Group

You can sign up with a group of friends and be put on the same team. Once registration ends we will merge you with other groups that compliment your group's demographics to create a full team.

Register as a Free Agent

Free Agents

Signing up as a free agent is an awesome way to meet new people. Add some supplementary information when signing up and we will do our best to place you on a team with players near your age.


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Last Updated 1/11/2020.

The Game

  • A max of 6 players are allowed on the court at a time. Teams may play with 5 or 4, but any less than 4 is a forfeit.
  • Games are played on minor sized fields
  • You can never have more than 3 men on the court at a time.
  • Games are played to 25-25-21 (rally scoring). Teams must win by 2, or first team to 31.
  • Which ever team has more players wearing the correct uniform will have the choice to serve or receive in the 1st and 3rd game. If both teams are wearing an equal number of uniforms teams should flip a coin.
  • Teams will switch sides after the second and third game. In the third game, teams will switch sides when the combined score equals 21.

Game Play

  • Players will serve with their back against the net/wall.
  • Players may serve either overhand or underhand.
  • Teams must rotate
  • Subs are allowed and should be part of a normal rotation.
  • Games are self-officiated and the closest player makes the call. Unsure calls can be redone as a 'do-over'.
  • A ball that hits the ceiling and lands on the same side is playable. The ball is 'out' if it his the ceiling and crosses the net.
  • The ball is immediately dead if hit hits a back wall/net or side wall/net.
  • A player that commits a grievous carry should be issued a verbal warning from the defending team. After one warning, carries can be called against that player.
  • The play will be called dead and a point will be awarded to the opposing team if a player's body contacts the net while blocking or hitting.