Semi Pro

Semi Pro

Key Details

Early Spring 2024 Kickball
Game Day(s)
April 21st
10:00am - 2:00pm
Breezy Park
19 W Rogues Path
Huntington, 11746

What You Can Expect

Semi Pro will mimic the franchise concept of professional sports leagues utilizing drafts to ensure close competition and a balanced field throughout the year. Year 1 of Semi Pro will consist of 7 tournaments held once a month from April to October. Players will enter Semi Pro with a franchise or via the draft pool, to be drafted onto a franchise.

Additional Info

Registration Opened January 18th.

The inaugural Semi Pro draft will be at the end of February to allow players to join and franchise groups to be finalized.

  • If joining as a 'franchise group', only the captain should register via the 'full team' option. The captain will then add their 5 franchise players via the locker room.
  • If joining as an 'draft pool player', register via the 'individual' option.
  • Requests to edit registrations types can be sent to

Semi Pro Constitution


  • The goal is to start with 6 franchises.
  • Players can join as a 'franchise group' or a 'draft pool' player.
  • To join as a 'franchise group', you’ll need to join in a group with exactly 3m and 3f. (6 franchise groups will be accepted)
  • 'Draft pool players' will get drafted onto a franchise.
  • If there are more 'franchise groups' than needed, all players will vote on which franchise groups get accepted. Those franchise group not accepted will be moved to the draft pool.
  • There is no guarantee of getting drafted if the quantity of draft pool players exceed the number of needed players.


The 6 franchise groups will each select 8 draft pool players to create a franchise of 14 players (8m/6f)

You will belong to your franchise for the first year of Semi Pro.


Each tournament will be in the vein of Friday Night lights. Expect 3-pool play games into brackets in the span of 4 hours. Playing ‘tournament rules’ of 6m/4f with a straight through order. There will be a winner of each tournament. Winners will receive medals and will take home the ‘LI-Kick Chain’ until the next tournament. Teams will carry forward ELO, which will be used to seed pools in subsequent tournaments. 


Travis Kelce would never miss a game because it’s his girlfriend’s birthday, he’s going on vacation, or because he has to work late. These player movement rules ensure the Semi Pro structure is flexible to accommodate our ‘real’ lives. 

Each tournament will have a supplemental draft to accommodate new players and account for absent players. Ideally franchises know what players are in/out on Monday, the supplemental draft is held on Wednesday, and the tournament is Friday.

·        Incoming Players: These are players joining Semi Pro after the initial draft wishing to be drafted onto a franchise.

·        Withdrawn Players: Sometimes a player finds themselves on a franchise they don’t vibe with. After attending two consecutive tournaments, a player may withdraw themselves from their franchise and enter the supplemental draft, in hopes of getting picked by a new franchise. 

·        Dropped Players: A captain may not want an unreliable player taking up a roster spot. If a player no-shows two consecutive tournaments, the captain may issue a drop, and that player will enter the supplemental draft.

·        Guest Player: In the case a franchise does not have enough players to enter a tournament, the players on that franchise that are available may enter the supplemental draft and be picked up as guest players for the tournament. 

·        Available Player: These players are not part of the supplemental draft. They join a Semi Pro team for one tournament via a direct invite from the franchise. A player can play as an ‘available’ one time only and then must enter Semi Pro as an incoming player if they want to keep playing.  

-Like in professional sports, the draft order will be in the reverse order of standings. 

-Teams are allowed to trade with an approval of 66% of franchises.

-After the first tournament, the roster cap will increase from 14 to 15.

-There is a potential to add expansion franchises based on space, demand and permits.  


  • April 21 (Sunday)
  • May 31 (Friday)
  • June 28 (Friday)
  • July 26 (Friday)
  • August 30 (Friday)
  • September 27 (Friday)
  • October 25 (Friday)

Field is TBD but we will try to get permits at Breezy which has lights and 2 turf fields. Due to the complicated manner of applying for permits, the locations will not be set until later. 


There is a $70 joining fee.

·        The joining fee will be prorated down for incoming players joining after the start date.

·        Players will receive a credit if they are dropped/withdrawn and do not get picked up by another franchise in the supplemental draft.

The cost to enter a tournament is $360 per franchise.

A player that plays in all 7 tournaments on a team of 14 will pay $250 for the complete first year of semi-pro.


Q: Is this like Fantasy Sports?

A: No this is our attempt at being like real life professional sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we love pets, most of the venues have pet policies that we must enforce and we ask our players to follow these rules. Venues that are pet friendly will be marked.

We know that part of the fun is having a couple drinks with your friends while hanging out on the sidelines. That said, most of the venues we play at have strict rules regarding the consumption of beer and alcohol that we must enforce and we ask our players to follow these rules. When possible LI-Kick secures the proper permits to allow players to bring their own booze, in these cases those leagues and tournaments will indicate that this is allowed.

We thank you for supporting our bar sponsors and facilities by not attempting to sneak in outside drinks.

Registration Details

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Free Agent / Group Fees

  • Early Registration: $70 expires February 25th
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Ways to Register

Register individually and either play as a free agent or tag some friends to ensure your placed together. We do our best to match similar types of players together to form a full team.
A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league. Corporate Teams are always welcome in any of our leagues.

Connect with Us

Whether your looking to land on a team or just want to meet some of your future league mates our sport specific Facebook Groups are a great way to get connected to our LI Kick community before your league begins.

Breezy Park
Breezy Park


TJ Broesler Franchise Group
TJ Broesler Franchise Group
Deone Williams Franchise Group
Deone Williams Franchise Group
Jimmy Henn Franchise Group
Jimmy Henn Franchise Group
Jeremy Nagler Franchise Group
Jeremy Nagler Franchise Group
Amanda Brennan Franchise Group
Amanda Brennan Franchise Group
Carlos Upson Franchise Group
Carlos Upson Franchise Group
Joseph Dzienius Franchise Group
Joseph Dzienius Franchise Group
Kyle Urban Franchise Group
Kyle Urban Franchise Group


Team Games Played Wins Losses Draws For Against Diff Group ELO Initial
TJ Broesler Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Deone Williams Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Jimmy Henn Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Jeremy Nagler Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Amanda Brennan Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Carlos Upson Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Joseph Dzienius Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400
Kyle Urban Franchise Group - - - - - - - 1400

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