Being a Captain can be a tough job, but we are here to help you be the Best Captain possible


One of the biggest responsibilities a captain has is to get their team registered. We know that coordinating with any group of people can be a time consuming process. Our registration process aims to make it easy by allowing you to load and adjust your roster after securing your spot by registering online. Our locker room system shows you players you've previously played with making it easy to add them to your team. Adding someone new to LI-Kick? No problem, you'll just need to know the players name, email address, gender and shirt size.

Shirt Preferences

Captains can select up to three shirt preferences from our stocked selection of shirts and we'll do our best to accomodate based on inventory and availability. Looking for something a bit more special? Our catalog includes dozens of different styles and options. Deadlines for custom orders and shirt preferences vary by league so check your league page for more information.

Missing a shirt? Notify your league director and we'll get it to you.

Game On!

One of the most important aspects of being a captain is communication. We recommend setting up a group chat or email list so that your players are always connected. Need a sub? Hit up our sport specific Facebook groups and reach out to see if anyone is available, check your league page for the link.

Each of our leagues has a director on site to help out with any issues or questions you might have.

Top Captains Program

We recognize the work that goes into being a captain. As a way of showing our thanks, LI-Kick is offering our "Top Captains Program". Captains who lead atleast 3 teams in any of our Bowling, Kickball, Soccer, Ultimate or Volleyball leagues in a calendar year will be tagged as a top captain for the following year.

Pay Via Deposit

Leagues fill up fast. As a top captain you can save a spot for your team and worry about filling your roster later. Payment isn't due until the first night of the season.

Expanded Shirt Catalog

Select your team's custom color from 70 different options for no additional charge. Your roster must be loaded by your league custom shirt deadline.

Field Day Discounts & Perks

Save the date for Field Day. Last year we pulled off a super successful event. This year it will be even better. Check our video.

Complimentary Free Agent Registration

You can play on a free agent team in a second league for no additional cost.

Profile Flair

Your locker room profile will be tagged as a verified top captain. Some say the blue checkmark is the ultimate status symbol and greatest perk of all.