Corporate Leagues

Team building that is actually fun

LI Kick Welcomes Corporate Teams

The company softball team needs to be rethought. LI-Kick runs leagues that are highly engaging and super social. It'll get your employees excited and energized. So shake off the formality and improve your group dynamics.

All Play and No Work

Company Morale and Retention

Great employees want to work for great companies. Creating a company team is a perk that will boost morale and make your employees proud of their workplace.

Build Connections Between Coworkers

Turn coworkers into true teammates. Allow your team players the chance to thrive outside of their normal roles. You'd be surprised to see how sports and activities drive deep meaningful connections.

Break Silos

Don't get stuck in your company's org chart. Mix, match and introduce people from all over the company as the blend together to form a team. Allow the good vibes to flow outside the office and let it pay dividends inside.

Get Your Company Name Out There

Let your employees represent your company outside of the office. Have your company logo displayed on your league shirt and let your employees network with the rest of our players.

Three Ways To Play

Join any Existing League

Gather up a team of coworkers and take the field

Team sizes vary by sport from 2-20. Corporate Teams get an expanded team roster and roster flexibility to rotate players in and out each week.

Request a Private League

An entire league dedicated to your company

Looking to offer your employees a fun way to connect with each other outside of the office? A private LI-Kick league is a great way to mix things up and connect your teams through sport.

One Day Events

Low Commitment, Maximum Fun

Looking to mix things up without a big time commitment? Bring LI-Kick in house with our unique one day events, tournaments and other social offerings.

Contact our League Office with any Corporate Inquries

We are confident that we can put together a package that meets your company and your teams needs and culture.