Policies and Conditions


LI-Kick’s leagues, events and tournaments have limited space and cancellations hinder our ability to properly plan and organize, as well as disrupt costs that have already been incurred. If you are unable to participate, we may be able to transfer your registration to another league within the same season based on availability. 

If players or teams choose not to participate after they have registered, 14+ days before the season starts, they may request a credit to use towards a future league, transfer their registration to another league (if space is available), or transfer their registration to another player within the same season.

A player's or team's decision not to participate in a league they have registered for is not grounds for a refund. No refunds or credit will be issued within 14 days of the league’s opening day or event date. Refunds are not given if a player moves, for changes in work schedule, or for injuries.

Credit / Refund Request Form

Cancellations, Delays and Makeups

In the event LI-Kick is unable to run a league, event or tournament, LI-Kick will offer to transfer registrants to a different league, event or tournament; or issue a full refund at the registrant’s request. In some cases, LI-Kick may need to delay the start of the league and/or extend the end of a league. We reserve the right to delay league starts and delayed season starts/ends are not grounds for a refund. 

The start and end times for events may also need to be adjusted based on facility availability, weather and daylight conditions. 

In the event that a game needs to be cancelled due to factors beyond our control like weather, LI-Kick will do its best to schedule makeups, either by adding additional weeks to the season or by playing multiple games on the same night. These decisions will be based on what LI-Kick feels is the best decision for the league.

We understand that changes in times and dates may interfere with player obligations outside of the league, as such, LI-Kick will do its best to communicate these changes ahead of time. However these changes are not grounds for a refund.

In the event that a league which has started but cannot be completed in full, LI-Kick will issue players/captains who directly paid LI-Kick prorated credit based on the amount of games played.


Participation in adult sports, even at the recreational level, may result in injury. LI-Kick does not refund players' fees if they are injured. Participants play at their own risk. Athletic endeavors can be inherently dangerous. LI-Kick does not provide health insurance to players and does not cover medical bills if they are injured. Players should know the risks and think twice about playing if they do not have health insurance coverage.