We ❤️ Individuals & Groups

How LI-Kick Supports Groups and Individual Players

LI-Kick is an inclusive community that welcomes anyone to sign up and start playing in one of our leagues or events without needing a full team, alleviating concerns about isolation or difficulty finding a team. This pool of players refers to individual signups (called "free agents") and "small group" signups which are a group of friends that will be kept together but don't have enough players for a full team of their own.

Please note, that we are generally unable to offer "free agent" registrations for most of our "small team" sports like cornhole, instead we suggest you use our sport specific Facebook groups to find a suitable partner.

Getting Teamed Up

During registration we collect information about skill level, competitive goals, age, gender and any friends you'd like to be partnered with. We do our best to use this information to form teams of the same age and skill level - while balancing league rule requirements. The deeper the free agent pool is, the more we are able to curate the groups.

When possible, free agent teams are placed in the more casual divisions and in some situations may not need to adhere to the same gender ratio rules as established teams.

Free agent teams tend to be slightly larger than seasoned teams, we have found that these larger teams tend to be more successful and provide a better opportunity for players to meet and get to know a larger group of people. It is our hope that these "free agent teams" go on to form their own established teams in subsequent seasons.

Before the start of the season, players receive multiple emails from the league and will be notified of their team assignment approximately 1 week prior to the start of the season.

Expanding Your Circle

While we do our best to pair you up with other great players, we also encourage you to connect with players throughout your league. We help facilitate this through our "bar champs" competitions which are fun ways we intentionally get teams to interact at the post-game either at the field or at one of our sponsor bars. This serves as a good mixing point for new and old players.

We also offer "Mix & Match" events in between seasons which are casual open play nights specifically made for new players to try a sport and meet other people. In addition our tournament series and "draft-style" leagues provide additional great opporunities to connect and play with the wider LI-Kick community.

Finally, we have several sport specific Facebook groups where players can chat and connect with other players and teams that are looking for players for the upcoming season and events.

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