We Are What Makes LI Kick

LI-Kick is Long Island's premier and largest provider of co-ed adult social sports. Our goal is to provide a fun and social experience for adults to connect with each other across Long Island. We pride ourselves on offering strong recreational and competitive platforms for players to strengthen friendships & meet new people, all while playing a really fun game.







One Mission

Connecting People Through Play

A Message from Our Founder

I started LI-Kick in April of 2013 after graduating college and moving back to Long Island. I was seeking more than the 9-5 grind and I found myself missing the friendships, connections, revelry and nightlife that came so easy in college but was now difficult to find.

What started as an 8-team Kickball league has grown into Long Island’s premier provider of Adult Social Sports. I have met a ton of people, made a lot of friends and have more fun now than I ever had at any college party.

I’m on a mission to positively transform the social lives of those living on Long Island and am doing everything I can possibly do to make that happen. Join us next season! It may change your life and it will definitely make my mom proud.

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Sal Farruggia, Founder

The LI Kick Timeline

  • "Kickball Craze Engulfs Glen Cove" - Newsday

    Spring 2013

    Freshly back from college, Sal Farruggia wakes up one morning with the urge to have more kickball in his life. Pulling together friends, family and a few dozen strangers LI Kick is born with a 132 registered players.

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    Say Kickball!
  • Taking the Party Year-Round

    Summer/Winter 2014

    After three successful spring and fall seasons, LI-Kick decided to kick it up a knotch by adding a Winter Indoor Season and its first Summer "Super League" geared at providing the best players in the league a more competitive experience. These additions help ensure that players could remain active year round.

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    First Indoor Kickball Season
  • Enter the Draft

    Summer 2015

    With a strong core of experienced players and captains, LI Kick switched things up for its summer season by introducing the first "Draft" League. Captains were selected and players were anonymously drafted one by one in an effort to have a more "balanced" league for all.

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    Championships Are Built on Sweaty Foundations
  • Calling All Soccer Hooligans

    Spring 2016

    LI Kick begins to diversify its sporting line-up with the addition of its first soccer league in the Spring of 2016. The league continued attracting players throughout the summer and fall and has grown to be one of Long Islands largest Coed Adult Soccer Leagues. of three outdoor soccer leagues.

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  • Expanding Eastward

    Spring 2017

    Rich Von Rauchhaupt joins the LI Kick team and helps launch LI Kick's first Suffolk County kickball league at Heckscher State Park in East Islip. Our Suffolk leagues are a great mix of a fun field experience with a great post-game social scene at Fatty McGee's.

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    Now Playing at Heckscher
  • LI Kicks First Four Bagger

    Fall 2017

    Looking to keep the Suffolk momentum going, LI Kick launches Long Island's first indoor social cornhole league at 89 North in Patchogue.

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    Bags, Boards & Beers
  • A Perfect Game

    Spring 2019

    After launching its first coed social bowling league in the Fall of 2018, one LI Kick player rose to greatness with a 300, while others have come close, this performance has yet to be repeated in any of the 20 following bowling leagues since. Our bowling leagues offer a unique alternative to traditional leagues and are a great fit for both social and competitive bowlers.

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    Mr. 300
  • Player 10K

    Summer 2019

    LI-Kick reaches 10,000 Players and has grown to become Long Island's best and largest Social Sports League!! A heartfelt thanks to all of the awesome people who have been playing and partying since 2013.

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    Sergio Puts LI Kick at 10K
  • Serving Up Fun Times

    Summer 2019

    LI Kick finally got its feet in the sand with our first volleyball season hosted out of Long Beach. Our leagues tend to cater more toward the beginner level player looking to get out and have fun. But with the introduction of our monthly Friday night tournaments, the competition has definitely started to spike up to new levels.

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    Bump, Set, Spike
  • Remaining Social, While Social Distancing

    Spring 2020

    COVID-19 has affected many local businesses and LI-Kick was no exception. Forced to cancel our Spring seasons, we began offering virtual events to help our players remain connected during the shutdown. Originally starting with Family Feud, we've grown our virtual line-up quite extensively and launched GameNight.Social

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    Making Zoom Meetings Fun
  • Big League Experiences

    Fall 2020

    In an effort to continue offering healthy, safe and fun experiences, LI-Kick worked with the Long Island Ducks to host a jam packed weekend series of Kickball and Cornhole tournaments.

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    Keep on Quacking
  • Player 20K

    December 2021

    Matt Valentino named LI-Kicks Player 20K as our total player base surpasses 20,000 players, further cementing LI-Kick's legacy of being the biggest and best Social Sports League on Long Island!! We salute all of the awesome people who have taken the fields, courts and bar stools along the way.

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    Matt V. Player 20K