The March to
One Million Players

A Big Hairy Audacious Goal

Since LI-Kick rolled out its first kickball pitch in the Spring of 2013, we've had a Big Hairy Audacious Goal of transforming the lives of adults on Long Island through social sports.

Every 10,000 signups, we pause to celebrate our progress and recognize a player new to our leagues that we feel best embodies the spirit of LI-Kick. These players recieve a custom jersey and are etched into the LI-Kick history books.

Player 50K Expected Summer '24

Coming Soon...

It took six years to reach our first 10K milestone, but we are proud to see that we are picking up the pace and are now averaging over 10,000 players every year and are expecting to announce Player 50K in the Summer of 2024.

Player 40K Fall '23

Matt Spadone

Matt stands out not only for his athletic achievements, but also as a captain. He showcases leadership qualities such as team-building, the ability to inspire, and creating a positive team culture. His once rag-tag team 'Buncha Squids', has turned into 'Squid Nation', and he now travels with other LI-Kick players to national level dodgeball tournaments.

Player 30K Late Fall '22

Catherine Guerrieri

Catherine graduated college and used LI-Kick to find her next step in life. She's played 5 different sports, been a theme week finalist, traveled to Jacksonville for a tournament, and played three nights a week. Her well-rounded mix of sports and socializing within LI-Kick has become a meaningful and vibrant part of her post-college life.

Player 20K Late Fall '21

Matt Valentino

As a kickball and pickleball player, Matt connects LI-Kick's original sport of kickball while embracing one of our newest and fastest growing sports: pickleball. Matt is a high level player, but is celebrated as a supportive teammate. His positive influence creates a supportive and enjoyable environment for all his teammates.

Player 10K Summer '19

Sergio Recine

Sergio is a dual soccer and kickball player from Glen Cove. As an in-demand goalkeeper and outfielder, he's been asked to play on many teams but chooses to play on a "family team" with his 2 brothers, 2 cousins and LI-Kick friends. His strong bonds on and off the field add a layer of connection with his team and leaguemates that extends beyond the game.