From Teamates to Soulmates


The ❌s and β­•s to ❀️ in LI-Kick

Providing a fun, safe place to connect with and meet new people is at the core of LI-Kick's philosophy. Upon joining, your social circle immediately expands as you meet your teammates, players in your league and then the thousands of players in all of LI-Kick. Each game night provides a natural way to meet more people and an opportunity to connect on a deeper level. Whenever and wherever you see someone wearing an LI-Kick shirt it's your ticket to break the ice as you know you already have atleast one thing in common.

21 couples that have met in LI-Kick are now married or shortly headed down the aisle and countless more couples use LI-Kick as a fun date night.

How Was Your Game?
Rich & Joanna
Sal & Danielle
Alex & Nicole

Making Date Night Easy

While we love Long Island and all the things it has to offer, we know that dating on Long Island can make it hard for couples to find new and fun experiences to share. Our leagues run year-round and our wide array of sports and events are the perfect low cost, low stress date night.

Couples that play sports together find that the activity can help strengthen their relationship by improving communication, building trust, and fostering a sense of teamwork. Physical activity also releases endorphins, which can increase feelings of happiness and reduce stress. Additionally, participating in a shared activity can create a sense of bonding and shared experiences, leading to a deeper connection between partners.

Still Looking for your Forever Teammate?

Stop swiping and start sliding with these tips for finding your soulmate through playing in our leagues and events.

  • Participate in a variety of sports & events. Each of our offerings attract different groups of people, by trying something new your more likely to meet more people.
  • Be open-minded: Appraoch each game and each new person with an open mind and don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.
  • Join as a free agent. Getting out of your comfort zone is key to meeting more people and building new friendships or relationships.
  • Be yourself, as with most things in life authentcity is key.

Field Day Fun
The Gala
The Fall Crawl Bar Crawl
Best Pickup Line

Bump, Set, πŸ’

Jen and Izzy are the latest "LI-Kick Couple" to get engaged. Their love story began on the volleyball court. Here is their love story in Jen's words.

In Jen's Words

"A friend asked me to sub for a kickball game where I met some people who eventually convinced me to join their volleyball team too. I was just starting a new job so I was in a good place in life, however the men I had been going on dates with weren’t ready for the type of commitment I was looking for. The first night of volleyball is when my life completely changed. I met Izzy who had joined the team via a friend, similar to how I joined. I have never smiled so much during volleyball. I would always hear Izzy shout words of encouragement and we started to hang out more, first after the games with our team, and then more and more one-on-one. We started officially dating a month later and 2 years later we got engaged. If you were to ask me where I'd meet my future husband, I would have never thought it'd be at an adult sports league, but it's where I met Izzy and it changed my world."

In Izzy's Words

A friend asked me to join his volleyball team. I was busy with school, but I liked the idea of doing something other than work and schoolwork. At the first game, Jen immediately caught my eye. Before and after games, our team would meet up for a few drinks, and that's where I made it a point to get to know Jen on a more personal level. I can't believe we'd be engaged two years later and I never would of thought it would be because of a volleyball league.


LI-Kick vs "The Bachelor"

If he isn't on a field, court or bar, Sal is most likely on his couch catching up on the latest episode of "The Bachelor", this binge watching behavior isn't just mindless junkfood for the brain, its an opportunity to do oppositional research. While "The Bachelor" has the benefit of casting the most eligible 'contestants', the ability to take couples on lavish helicopter dates and travel to exotic locations, just 1 couple in "The Bachelor" history remains married till this day and in fact has led to 14 broken engagements. When adding "The Bachelorette" to the mix, the number of married couples increases to 5 (while the broken engagements becomes 30). Perhaps this lends credance to our theory that the couple that plays together, stays together.

LI-Kick The Bachelor
Seasons 60+ 27
Contestants Over 40,000 About 700
Active Engagements/Marriages 21 3(ish)

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