A Quick Note About Covid19

We'd love to be playing some social sports with you right now, but obviously that isn't possible during Quarantine. All leagues are 'on hold' until we receive guidance it is safe to proceed. In the meantime we've come up with some virtual events so we can be together, while we're apart. All are welcome to join!

Spring Quiz Quarrel (Online) Zoom Wednesday & Saturday

Key Details

Spring 2020 Quiz Quarrel (Online)
Game Day(s)
Wednesday & Saturday
Game Time(s)
May 13th to May 30th
Zoom, Zoom

Ways to Register

Register as Team

Complete Team

A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league.

Join with Friends or Small Group

Join as a Group

You can sign up with a group of friends and be put on the same team. Once registration ends we will merge you with other groups that compliment your group's demographics to create a full team.

Register as a Free Agent

Free Agents

Signing up as a free agent is an awesome way to meet new people. Add some supplementary information when signing up and we will do our best to place you on a team with players near your age.


Team Wins Losses Games Played Game Points Fast Money Points Total Points
Boomerang Gang 3 0 3 1594 668 2262
Verdino's Friends 3 0 3 1659 609 2268
Scooby Doo's Crew 2 1 3 775 666 1441
The Vodka Family 1 2 3 1131 519 1650
Alley Samplers 0 3 3 456 605 1061
Vinny's Meade's 0 3 3 513 570 1083


Week 1 May 13th
Field Time
Zoom 8:00PM Alley Samplers 580 +366 GPs +214 F$ The Vodka Family 748 +512 GPs +236 F$
Zoom 8:45PM Vinny's Meade's 208 +208 F$ Verdino's Friends 1008 +753 GPs +255 F$
Zoom 9:30PM Scooby Doo's Crew 316 +316 F$ Boomerang Gang 862 +609 GPs +253 F$
Week 1 May 16th
Field Time
Zoom 8:00PM Vinny's Meade's 424 +261 GPs +163 F$ Scooby Doo's Crew 587 +413 GPs +174 F$
Zoom 8:45PM The Vodka Family 471 +356 GPs +115 F$ Verdino's Friends 548 +394 GPs +154 F$
Zoom 9:30PM Alley Samplers 178 +178 F$ Boomerang Gang 870 +698 GPs +172 F$
Week 2 May 20th
Field Time
Zoom 8:00PM The Vodka Family 431 +263 GPs +168 F$ Scooby Doo's Crew 538 +362 GPs +176 F$
Zoom 8:45PM Vinny's Meade's 451 +252 GPs +199 F$ Boomerang Gang 530 +287 GPs +243 F$
Zoom 9:30PM Verdino's Friends 712 +512 GPs +200 F$ Alley Samplers 303 +90 GPs +213 F$
Week 2 May 23rd
Field Time
Zoom 8:00PM The Vodka Family Vinny's Meade's
Zoom 8:45PM Alley Samplers Scooby Doo's Crew
Zoom 9:30PM Verdino's Friends Boomerang Gang
Week 3 May 27th
Field Time
Zoom 8:00PM Scooby Doo's Crew Verdino's Friends
Zoom 8:45PM Boomerang Gang The Vodka Family
Zoom 9:30PM Vinny's Meade's Alley Samplers


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