Late Fall 2022 Extra Innings Brooklyn Tuesday Nights

Late Fall 2022 Extra Innings Brooklyn Tuesday Nights

Key Details

Late Fall 2022 Kickball Draft
Game Day(s)
November 8th to November 29th
4 Weeks
8:30pm - 10:00pm
Team Size
McCarren Park
776 Lorimer Avenue
Brooklyn, 11222
Sponsor Bar
The Turkey's Nest


Extra Innings is a series of pick-up style Kickball games after our Fall season ends. It's a small group of 20-30 players. You'll play with different mixes of people in a relaxed environment. Extra Innings is a chance to meet new friends, play with different people, and get in every last drop of kickball before the winter. Meet Drew at the backstop by 'Main'. We'll make teams and kick the ball around :)


Team Games Played Wins Losses

Meet Our Team

Andrew Pedicino
LI Kick

Andrew Pedicino Director

First Season: Kickball Tournament '18

Pre Game Ritual: Singing Mamma Mia

Why I First Joined LI-Kick: A lot of fun people who are also addicted to kickball like me and also I like to get engaged in activities

Advice for New Players: If your captain yells at you quit and find a new more chill team

Proudest LI-Kick Moment: Winning the first carpe diem tournament

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