Spring 2022 Kickball Deer Park Tuesday Nights

Key Details

Spring 2022 Kickball
Game Day(s)
May 10th to June 21st
7 Weeks
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Team Size
13 - 16 Players;
6 Girls Required
Rosters Due By
April 24th
Rosters Locked On
May 20th
Pro Game Fields
759 Long Island Avenue
Deer Park, 11729


Theme Week is May 31st. This season's theme is 'Take Pride".

Rosters lock May 20th at 11:59pm

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Pro Game Fields
Pro Game Fields


Alive and kicking
Alive and kicking
Berry Ball Busters
Berry Ball Busters
Inflate My Balls
Inflate My Balls
Tits Over Toes
Tits Over Toes


Team Games Played Wins Losses Bar Game Wins Group
Tits Over Toes 2 2 0 1
Inflate My Balls 2 1 1 1
Berry Ball Busters 2 1 1 0
Alive and kicking 2 0 2 1


Week 1 May 10th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm Alive and kicking 5 +1Bar Game Wins
Tits Over Toes 15
Field 2 7:00pm Inflate My Balls 13
Berry Ball Busters 11
Week 2 May 17th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm Berry Ball Busters 9
Alive and kicking 4
Field 2 7:00pm Inflate My Balls 4 +1Bar Game Wins
Tits Over Toes 11 +1Bar Game Wins
Week 3 May 24th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm Inflate My Balls Alive and kicking
Field 2 7:00pm Berry Ball Busters Tits Over Toes
Week 4 May 31st
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm TBA TBA
Field 2 7:00pm TBA TBA
Week 5 June 7th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm TBA TBA
Field 2 7:00pm TBA TBA
Week 6 June 14th
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm TBA TBA
Field 2 7:00pm TBA TBA
Week 7 June 21st
Field Time
Field 1 7:00pm TBA TBA
Field 2 7:00pm TBA TBA


General Game Play

  • The game is typically played on “throw down” grass fields, but baseball diamonds may also be used when available, with the bases being 60 feet apart.
  • All games will generally be 9 Innings, if there are time constraints required, teams will be notified 10 minutes before the end of their time slot at that point whichever inning you are in becomes the last inning, provided the trailing team gets at least one more at bat. Games may end in a tie.
  • A team missing male players may allow a woman to fill the spot of a male, but not vice versa.
  • Coaches are permitted at 1st base, 3rd base and on the bench. Coaches must stay outside the field of play.


  • Teams usually range in sizes of 12 to 16.
  • 10 players take the field with a maximum of 5 men.
  • A team missing male players may allow a woman to fill the spot of a male, but not vice versa.
  • A team with less than 8 players must forfeit and a scrimmage will occur in place of a game.

In Game Substitutions

  • Unlimited substitutions are allowed while playing the field.
  • If you are too injured to run, then you are too injured to play. Therefore pinch-runners are not allowed, however the opposing captain may choose to waive this rule.


  • In general there are no walks, strikes or hit by pitches. The batter has the option to decline a pitch.
  • An umpire can call a strike if a batter repeatedly declines to kick a perfectly pitched ball. The umpire should warn the batter to help move the game along.
  • Kickers cannot plant their entire foot in front of home base while kicking, if a kicker plants their foot over the base it will be called a dead ball and two fouls.
  • 3 fouls per batter, a batter is called out on the 3rd foul.
  • Two male players cannot kick back to back. 
  • Teams are encouraged to maintain a written batting order.

Bunting Rules

  • If the catcher gains possession of the ball before the kicker makes it to first base, the kicker receives two strikes and all runners must return to their previous base.
  • If the runner already had at least one strike, then the runner is out.
  • If a foul is kicked after the two strikes, the runner is out.
  • If the kicker makes it to first at the same time as the catcher gains possession, the tie goes to the kicker (runner)
  • If the kicker (runner) makes it to first the play is live until the ball is returned to the pitcher’s circle


  • At first base, the defending player may only make a play using the white side of the safety bag in fair territory. The orange side of the bag is ONLY for the runner. If the defensive player is touching or blocking any part of the orange bag, the runner will be considered safe. 
  • Defensive players must remain clear of the base paths unless making a play on the ball. Blocking or interfering with a runner will result in the runner being awarded the base. If the ball is in play, both the offensive and defensive players have a right to the base and/or base path. 
  • If a defensive player touches a ball that is in FOUL territory, the ball is still considered FOUL regardless of where the player is standing or where the ball lands. The umpire makes the decision based solely on the position of the ball in relation to the foul line.
  • If a defensive player catches a foul ball, that is an out, but the ball is considered live, runners may advance provided they have tagged up. If the defensive player does not make the catch, the play is dead and runners may not advance.
  • If a defensive player puts the ball out of play while attempting to make a play at a base, the ball is called dead and the runners advance appropriately as determined by the umpire. 


  • Pitching must be underhand only.
  • Pitches must be thrown in good faith with no intent to deceive, bounce, spin or speed the ball past the batter. 
  • The catcher must start play behind home plate in the area created by extending the 1st and 3rd base lines and may not impede the kicker.

Base Running

  • Runners cannot leave the base before the kicker touches the ball. If a runner leaves the base prior to the ball being kicked they will receive an automatic out. Consequently, there is no leading allowed.
  • Play will be considered over when any player has possession of the ball in the pitchers mound and is not attempting to make a play.
  • All Runners who are NOT halfway to the base will be sent back to the previous base.
  • The play will be called dead if an offensive player intentionally interferes with a defensive play.
  • Runners who are more than halfway to the next base will be awarded the base.
  • If a player with the ball in the pitchers mound attempts to make a play out of the circle prior to the ump calling the ball dead, than the play is still considered live and the runners are allowed to continue to advance
  • If a play IS NOT a force, the runner must be tagged with the ball.
  • A runner may never pass or make contact with the runner in front of them, in the event that they do pass or touch, the lead runner will be called out.
  • Two runners may never occupy the same base, in this event the lead runner will be called out.
  • Striking a player with a ball in an attempt to record an out (pegging) is permitted. Pegging female players is allowed but frowned upon, exclusive of 'plays at the plate.'
  • A baserunner that is hit above the shoulders on a peg out will be awarded the base they were advancing towards and play will continue as a live ball, UNLESS the contact is done accidentally due to the runner attempting to evade the ball (dodging, ducking, dipping, diving, dodging) in which case the baserunner will be called out at the discretion of the umpire.
  • In the event that a run is scored and a third out is obtained the run is only awarded provided that all of the following have occurred:
  • All forced runners made it to their forced base safely
  • The runner crossed the plate prior to the third out being obtained

Tagging Up

  • A player may tag up upon first touch, they DO NOT have to wait for the clean catch to leave the bag.
  • If a player has tagged up then the runner must be tagged with the ball to receive an out.
  • If a runner leaves the base before a catch or first touch, then the runner must return to their previous base before advancing to the next base.
  • If a player in possession of the ball steps on the base prior to the runner making it back to the base, the runner is out.
  • There is no Infield Fly Rule.

Mercy Rule (8-4-12)

  • If a team is up by 8 or more runs, the opposing team gets 4 outs in their next at bat and immediately gets 2 additional players in the field. 
  • The team given mercy keeps the 4 outs for the entire duration of their kicking inning regardless of the score.


  • Due to the competitive nature of playoffs, certain rules are maintained for playoff games
  • The higher seeded team has the choice of being home or away.
  • The higher seeded teams have the choice of field selection.
  • No replacement-players can be used. Every player must be registered to your team.
  • Captains must furnish a batting order at the request of the opposing team.
  • There is no mercy rule in the playoffs.

Meet The Team

Tiffany Sorice
LI Kick

Tiffany Sorice Director

First Season: Spring '19, Kickball

Happiest LI-Kick Moment? Winning my first kickball game (took us two seasons). 

What Is Your Day Job - I am a Art Teacher at an elementary school! 

Hidden Talent - I can bake better than an actual bakery

Favorite Sport Growing Up? - Definitely soccer! I played for about 10 years. 

Additional Info

We are so excited to KICK off this season on Tuesday's in Deer Park! I will be at the field early to hand out shirts and answer any questions you may have. I will also be taking your team photos and lots of action shots throughout the night so make sure to look your best and keep a smile at all times!

Start Time and Location: Each week our 4 teams will all be starting their games promptly at 7pm. We will be playing at Pro Game Fields - 759 Long Island Avenue Deer Park 11729

Bar Champs: LI-Kick loves hosting bar games as a way to express more competitiveness and meet more people on the league! Each week we will host one game to compete in and see who will earn a prize! We are lucky enough to be sharing our field with the Ultimate Frisbee league this season so we've decided to play the bar games together! Our bar games are aimed to begin around 8pm (after kickball, before frisbee).

The best way to keep up with the league is to read the weekly email which comes out every week. You should also 'like' LI-Kick on Facebook and 'follow' us on Instagram.

Pro Tips: If its your rookie season I have a few suggestions to make your first night easier:

  • Wear cleats - People have different opinions on which cleats are best (I personally am partial to the Soccer cleat) however any cleat (no metal spiked/studs allowed) is better than sneakers. (Cleats are not mandatory, just recommended).
  • Bug Spray - Bug spray will be your best friend, I promise.
  • Sunglasses - pretty self explanatory, you need to see the ball in order to catch it :)
  • Stretch- Kickball might not be the most strenuous sport but there are plenty of pulled muscles which would be easily avoided with a little pregame stretching!
  • Ask Questions - If you are unsure about a rule do not hesitate to ask! Our veterans are happy to help you learn the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Most of our leagues and tournaments allow you to join as a free agent or with one or with a group of friends (while being kept together), in fact, most first time players join this way. When you register we'll ask a few simple questions and we'll do our best to fill out your roster with players like you. That said, the free agent pool for some leagues, like cornhole are limited so your best bet is to join with a friend and form a complete team.

In addition to the weekly game, many of our leagues also include a series of mini-challenges. The challenges vary by league, but generally teams are awarded points for bar attendance, taking and sharing photos and playing & winning different bar games. Games may occur on the field or at the leagues sponsor bar. The team with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the Bar Champs and earn some fun swag and bragging rights.

Generally, registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, umpires/refs and a team shirt. You'll also be given access to the various social events we host and sponsor throughout the year. 

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