Winter 2023 Volleyball Massapequa Tuesday Nights

Winter 2023 Volleyball Massapequa Tuesday Nights

Key Details

Winter 2023 Volleyball
Game Day(s)
January 3rd to February 14th
7 Weeks
9:00pm - 11:00pm
Team Size
6 - 9 Players;
3 Girls Required
Rosters Due By
December 25th
Rosters Locked On
January 13th
LI Sports Dome
5600 Old Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa, 11758

What You Can Expect

The league is ladder style. Every week you'll play 3 games against the team closest to you in the standings. The top half of the league will qualify for the championship week (week 7). 3 men and 3 women on the court per team.

Additional Info

We have the courts from 9 to 11. The turf gym has 2 courts. Start times include 9pm and 10pm will evenly be distributed.

We don't anticipate taking any free agents in this league. Free agents can look for a team/teammates on our Facebook group "Volleyball on Long Island" (over 900 members). They can also join the free waitlist online which will be shared with team captains.

No processing fees! The price you see is the price you pay.

We also have a Winter Volleyball Tournament Series

Recreational Series

Competitive Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Most of our leagues and tournaments allow you to join as a free agent or with one or with a group of friends (while being kept together), in fact, most first time players join this way. When you register we'll ask a few simple questions and we'll do our best to fill out your roster with players like you. That said, the free agent pool for some leagues, like cornhole are limited so your best bet is to join with a friend and form a complete team.

Generally, registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, umpires/refs and a team shirt. You'll also be given access to the various social events we host and sponsor throughout the year. 

Registration for this League is currently closed. Join the waitlist and we'll notify you if space opens up.

Join the Waitlist

Connect with Us

Whether your looking to land on a team or just want to meet some of your future league mates our sport specific Facebook Groups are a great way to get connected to our LI Kick community before your league begins.

LI Sports Dome
LI Sports Dome

Custom Shirt Process

Registering a full team? Boost your team spirit and make a strong case for "Captain of the Year" by ordering custom shirts for your squad.

Sign up your full team by the end of early registration

Browse our catalog of popular shirts with known pricing or choose from our vendors catalog and get a custom price quote.

Optionally add Names, numbers or a logo to the back of your shirt.

Recieve your shirts for the first game of the season.


Balls of Heat
Balls of Heat
It's All A Set Up
It's All A Set Up
Let's Have Sets
Let's Have Sets
Team LP
Team LP
Team Lauren
Team Lauren
Volley Llamas
Volley Llamas
Watch The Wheels
Watch The Wheels


Rank Team Games Played Wins Losses Points For Points Against Points Diff
- g00nz - - - - - -
- It's All A Set Up - - - - - -
- Team LP - - - - - -
- Watch The Wheels - - - - - -
- Let's Have Sets - - - - - -
- Volley Llamas - - - - - -
- Balls of Heat - - - - - -
- Team Lauren - - - - - -


Basic Volleyball Rules for Playing the Game

  • 6 players on a team, 3 on the front row and 3 on the back row.
  • There must be a minimum of 3 females on the court at a time. *exceptions are made for some free agent teams
  • Maximum of three hits per side
  • A Player may not hit the ball twice in succession (A block is not considered a hit)
  • A block is considered when no attempt to spike the ball is made. 
  • The Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on a serve
  • A ball hitting a boundary line is "in" 
  • A ball is "out" if it hits... 
  • the floor completely outside the court,
  • the nets that separate the gym into two courts (sports dome)
  • the ceiling, except when the ball is still on the hitting teams side
  • It is legal to contact the ball with any part of a players body
  • It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the ball
  • “Catch and release” setting is not allowed
  • If two or more players contact the ball at the same time, it is considered one play and either player involved may make the next contact (provided the next contact isn't the teams 4th hit)
  • A player can not block or attack a serve
  • After the serve, front line players may switch positions at the net.
  • Back row players may not jump above the net in front of the 10’ (attack) line, this included spiking and blocking.  
  • In the event a ball from the other court comes onto your court the play will be dead and re-played.
  • Games are played to 25, 25, 21. Three games are always played.  
  • All games are rally scoring, meaning a point is recorded after every play.

Volleyball Rules Violations

The following are some basic volleyball rules for violations.

The result of a violation is a point for the opponent.

  • When serving, stepping on or across the service line as you make contact with the serve
  • Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully
  • Contacting the ball illegally (lifting, carrying, throwing, etc. )
  • Touching the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play. Exception: If the ball is driven into the net with such force that it causes the net to contact an opposing player, no foul will be called, and the ball shall continue to be in play.
  • When attacking a ball coming from the opponent's court, contacting the ball when reaching over the net is a violation if the ball hasn't yet broken the vertical plane of the net.
  • Serving out of order.
  • Back row player blocking (deflecting a ball coming from their opponent), when at the moment of contact the back row player is near the net and has part of his/her body above the top of the net (an illegal block).
  • Back row player attacking a ball inside the front zone (the area inside the 10 foot line), when at the moment of contact the ball is completely above the net (an illegal attack).
  • When any part of a players body crosses the center court line. 

Rotation Rules

  • Every player must rotate in and out consistently.
  • No player may be skipped in rotation.
  • A team may choose to rotate at either the 1 position (server) or 4 position (front left) but the position must remain consistent throughout the entire game. 
  • Gender rules apply to rotating, at least 3 females must be on the court at all times. *exceptions are made for some free agent teams
  • Each player must serve
  • We do not play a libero position, each player must rotate through each position on the court.


  • Teammate substitutions are allowed during regular season games if teammates are unable to attend a game. 
  • Substitutes are not limited to league players.
  • Substitutes are not allowed for playoffs and championship games. All players must be rostered to play in playoffs and championship games.
  • At least 3 players from the rostered team must be in attendance and playing for the game to be counted. If there are less than 3 rostered players the games will be forfeited.

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