Pickup Wallyball March 26th 7:00pm

Pickup Wallyball March 26th 7:00pm

Key Details

Early Spring 2021 Wallyball
Game Day(s)
March 26th
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Long Island Health and Racquet Bayshore
225 Howells Rd
Bayshore, 11706
Long Island Health and Racquet Bayshore
Long Island Health and Racquet Bayshore


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Wallyball Pickup Rules

  • Wallyball matches are self-officiated
  • Team Assignments are determined on the fly with an effort to keep teams “even” so that matches are fun and fair for everyone.
  • Each game ends at 25 points (rally scoring), must win by 2 points.
  • The service area is 3 feet from each end of the court.
  • A ball is out of bounds if while crossing the net hits the ceiling, back wall of opponent’s side or two walls consecutively on a service, volley, or block.
  • Ceiling and back wall on own side is in bounds if own player touches it.
  • Server cannot spike or block in four person play.
  • If the ball is only partly across the net, and the opponent hits it, it is good.
  • Touching the net is not allowed by players, unless the ball is driven into the net and the net hits the player.
  • If two opposing players touch the net simultaneously the point is replayed.
  • A Ball passing through the side openings of the net on any contact is a side out.
  • If a ball is touched on a block, the team still has 3 hits and the blocker can make any of these hits.
  • Contacting two or more walls is allowed only by the team in possession of the ball on their own side, provided a player on that team touches the ball first. The ball must also be touched by another player before going over on multiple wall hit.
  • If two players on the same team, hit the ball simultaneously, it counts as one hit and either player can play the next hit.
  • No climbing, using the walls, or players assisting each other to gain height at the net.
  • A ball can hit the back wall and over the net directly (when being played by your side), but if two walls are touched, another player must touch it before going over the net.
  • If a ball spins across to the opponent’s side of the net and back to yours on the 1st or 2nd hit, you can play your 2nd or 3rd hit. If it is on the 3rd hit that it spins back, loss of point occurs.
  • Blocking or attacking a serve is legal.


Meet Our Team

Laura Pollicino
LI Kick

Laura Pollicino Director

First Season: Kickball- Spring '13

College: SUNY Oswego

Why I First Joined LI-Kick: My brother started a kickball league and dragged me along for the ride

Advice for New Players: Get Out, Have Fun, Try Something New

Proudest LI-Kick Moment: Winning Sunday Funday championship as a free agent team!

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