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How LI-Kick Does Volleyball

Our volleyball leagues are great for those players looking for a fun and social atmosphere. We value the merits of coed play and teamwork. Get out of the house, be active and meet some great people.

Our Volleyball Leagues

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Upcoming Leagues

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Volleyball League Massapequa

Tuesday Nights

July 5th through August 16th games start at 7:00pm - 10:00pm at LI Sports Dome, Massapequa Learn More

Volleyball League Bay Shore

Thursday Nights

July 7th through August 18th games start at 6:00pm - 10:00pm at Great South Bay Brewery, Bay Shore Learn More

Active Leagues

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Volleyball League Massapequa

Tuesday Nights

May 3rd through June 14th games start at 7:00pm - 10:00pm at LI Sports Dome, Massapequa View Standings & Schedule


Battle It Out In Our One Day Tournaments to Crown a Champ

Volleyball Tournament Massapequa

Monthly Mini Volleyball Tournament (May/ Competitive

Tournament Registration start at 8:00pm - 11:00pm at LI Sports Dome, Massapequa Learn More

Volleyball Tournament Freeport

Bash at the Beach 2022

Tournament Registration start at 11:00am - 3:00pm at Sea Breeze Park, Freeport Learn More

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Ways to Register

Register as Team

Complete Team

A team captain registers and pays for the entire team. You'll need the names, emails and birthdates of all your teammates. Team size and gender requirements vary by league. Corporate Teams are always welcome in any of our leagues.

Join with Friends or Small Group

Join as a Group

You can sign up with a group of friends and be put on the same team. Once registration ends we will merge you with other groups that compliment your group's demographics to create a full team.

Register as a Free Agent

Free Agents

Signing up as a free agent is an awesome way to meet new people. Add some supplementary information when signing up and we will do our best to place you on a team with players near your age.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Most of our leagues and tournaments allow you to join as a free agent or with one or with a group of friends (while being kept together), in fact, most first time players join this way. When you register we'll ask a few simple questions and we'll do our best to fill out your roster with players like you. That said, the free agent pool for some leagues, like cornhole are limited so your best bet is to join with a friend and form a complete team.

Yes! Each year over a thousand different players play in one of our leagues across Long Island. The size of our leagues varies by sport and location but range from anywhere from 50 - 300 players in any season. All our leagues are coed, and many are split evenly between men and women. 

Generally, registration covers the cost of equipment, facility use, umpires/refs and a team shirt. You'll also be given access to the various social events we host and sponsor throughout the year. 

Our players have different skill levels and motivations for playing, we do our best to make the games fun and competitive for everyone. We generate a random schedule at the start of the season, but to avoid blowouts, we may make adjustments to keep the games fun for everyone. Depending on the size of the league, we may break teams up into different divisions or brackets.

For playoffs, we typically break into different brackets based on standings.