Kickball Rules

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(last revision 5/17/23)

This rule set is designed for the weekly slow pitch leagues. Tournaments, and fast pitch leagues may play under a modified rule set.

Below is the 10 point Rules Summary. View the Full Rulebook for all 14 pages of the complete rule set.

  • On defense, 10 players are in the field- 5 men and 5 women.
  • On offense, everyone can kick, you must alternate genders when kicking.
  • Any additional players may be included in the kicking lineup and be freely subbed in on defense. A minimum of 4m and 4f is required for an official game.
  • Games are 9-innings long. Bases are 60 feet apart. 
  • This is slow pitch and the ball must be pitched in good faith with no intent to deceive, bounce, spin or speed the ball past the kicker. There are no strikes or balls, however a kicker can foul out for accumulating three fouls.
  • Bunting is legal, however there is a ‘catcher rule’ which states “a kicker will be given two strikes and the ball will be called dead if the catcher is able to possess the ball before the kicker reaches first base”. The kicker will kick again. 
  • Fielders have the right of way when in possession of the ball or making an imminent play on the ball. Fielders must stay clear of the base paths in all other cases. 
  • A play is over when a defensive player is on the mound with possession of the ball. Runners in motion will go to the base closest to them (half way rule).
  • We have an 8-4-12 Mercy Rule. When losing by 8 or more runs, the losing teams get 12 fielders on defense and 4 outs on offense for the entirety of the inning.
  • The umpire will exhibit and interpret these rules based on the ‘spirit of the game’, and the umpire’s decision is final in all matters. Only captains may ask an umpire for an explanation on of a call and captains share in the responsibility of the conduct of their teammates's behaviors

The Full Rulebook covers;

  1. Player eligibility
  2. Spirit of the game
  3. The field
  4. A regulation game
  5. Kicking
  6. Fair/Foul
  7. Pitching
  8. Fielding
  9. Base Running
  10. Score Keeping
  11. Tournament Rules
  12. Weird Situations