Fast Pitch Kickball Kickaway Rules

Main Rule Set; LI-Kick Weekly League Rules

(last updated 3/14/2024)

These are the modifications from weekly league play to fast pitch rules

The Pitcher is trying to strike you out

  • Fast Pitching (4 balls and 4 strikes/fouls).
  • Strike zone is 1 foot lateral to each side of the plate and 1 foot high
  • When being pitched, the ball must bounce twice before reaching home plate
  • A batter is awarded 2nd base for a 4-pitch walk
  • There will be an umpire behind home plate calling balls/strikes

On Defense

  • 6 men/ 4 women in the field (or sometimes 5m/5f depending on the league)
  • There is an 'Encroachment line from' that extends from 1st base, through the pitcher's mound and to 3rd base.
  • No player can line up in the Encroachment zone
  • The penalty for defensive encroachment is result of the play or 2 balls added to the count (kickers' choice)


  • There is no 'bunt rule' for women. Bunts kicked by women are live balls.
  • Men cannot bunt. There kicks must clear the encroachment zone. The ball will be ruled foul if a male's kick is fielded before exiting the encroachment zone.
  • Play is over when baserunners stop advancing