WAKA Las Vegas, NV

WAKA Las Vegas, NV

Key Details

Fall 2022 Kickball
Game Day(s)
October 8th
9:00am - 5:00pm
WAKA Las Vegas ,
Open Teams


LI-Kick played in the biggest tournament of the year. 46 teams and 1,000 players in attendance. We competed in the middle tier and largest division called 'Open'. On the field we played 4 games and achieved our goal of qualifying for playoffs- something we didn’t do last year. We also had the full Vegas experience partying with 1,000+ kickball players from around the country at night clubs, pool parties, flip cup tournaments and more

WAKA Las Vegas
WAKA Las Vegas



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  • Game 1 - LI-Kick 0 / Touchdown 7
  • Game 2 - LI-Kick 9 / Sole Assassins (Los Angeles, CA) 2
  • Game 3 - LI-Kick 2 / Underdogs (Dallas, TX) 2

LI-Kick finishes 12 of 24 teams

  • Playoffs - #12 LI-Kick 1 vs. #5 H-Town Kickaholicz (Houston, TX) 6

Our pre-ranking was 14th of 24 teams and in a pool with the 2nd, 11th, and 23rd ranked teams.

The #2 seed beat us 7-0. This was a rematch from last year when they beat us real bad. They take players from all across the country so it really isn’t a fair fight. Still, we played with pride.

We beat the #11 seed 9-2. Getting hits wasn’t so hard as their defense was spotty. Girls did a great job getting on to keep the machine rolling. This was a SoCal team.

We were expecting an easy game against the 23rd seed but they were way better than their ranking suggested. This was the ‘bubble’ game and we needed a good result to qualify for playoffs (top 16). We went down 0-2 but then Kyle beat the left fielder on a HR down the line and we scored the lead off runner the next inning. Deone got us out of a big jam in the last inning when he struck out the batter with the bases loaded. We tied this team 2-2, and earned a playoff spot. They were from Texas

We finished 12th of 24 teams and played the 5th seed in playoffs, a team from Houston. They didn’t have much trouble keeping our runners off the bases and put a lot of pressure on our defense. They went up 6-0. We made it respectable by scoring a run on a triple in the 4th inning, ultimately losing 6-1.

Party Schedule

  • WHAT:  BAR GAMES OF THRONES Official Kickoff Party @BLU POOL (private)
  • WHERE:  Blu Pool Deck, Bally’s, 8pm - 11pm, Thursday 10/6
  • DRESS CODE:   Fantasy, medieval
  • WHAT ELSE:  Official kickoff party and Bar Games Championships   

  • WHERE:  Oshea’s Bar, THE LINQ, 11pm - 3AM, Thursday 10/6
  • DRESS CODE:   Completely casual
  • WHAT ELSE:  If you want to avoid nightclubs and do something more chill, cheap, and relaxed 

  • WHAT:  PRETTY IN PINK Pool Party @ Flamingo Pool w/ JOSH BLISS
  • WHERE:  GO Pool, Flamingo Hotel, 12pm - 5pm, Friday 10/7
  • DRESS CODE:   Must be in pool party attire, such as bathing suits, swim trunks, board shorts.
  • WHAT ELSE:  This party gets pretty wild.   Pace yourself.  There’s still a lot of partying Friday night.   


  • WHAT:  WAKA WONDERLAND Official Welcome Party @Drais Underground Nightclub (private) w/ THE HOTEL LOBBY
  • WHERE:  Drais Underground Nightclub, The Cromwell Hotel, 9pm - 1am, Friday 10/7
  • DRESS CODE:   Theme is Alice In Wonderland.  Costumes encouraged, no line, exclusive party.
  • WHAT ELSE:  Official welcome party.   Our most popular evening party.  

  • WHAT: BLACK AND GOLD Official Celebration Party @ Hakkasan w/ LIL JON
  • WHERE: Hakkasan Nightclub, MGM GRAND, 10pm - 2am (must get in before midnight for VIP entry), Saturday 10/8
  • FEATURING:  Sounds by LIL JON
  • DRESS CODE: Vegas Nightclub. No tennis shoes. Ladies - dress up, Men - collared shirt or sport coat, nice jeans or better. In fact, dress as best as you possibly can.   Theme is Black and Gold.
  • WHAT ELSE: This is the Official Tournament Celebration Party and WAKApalozoa Takeover.   We’ll be offering special giveaways and prizes for attendance.  Come early and start the night off with your fellow players before choosing additional options later in the night.   AND YES, THE WAKA SECTION IS UPSTAIRS ON THE 2ND LEVEL

  • WHERE: Azilo Ultra Pool, Sahara Hotel, 12pm - 5pm, Sunday 10/9
  • DRESS CODE: Must be in pool party attire, such as bathing suits, swim trunks, board shorts. Depending on how hot it is, this place can fill up very very fast.  
  • TIP: The Official Sunday Pool Party has been WAKApalooza's #1 rated party 9 years in a row.  If there’s one party you can’t miss, it is this one.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive two pretournament emails. One 5 days before the tournament with general info and a second email 1-2 days before with more specific info including a schedule. You can always email info@li-kick.com with any questions.

No. You and your teammates should decide what to wear (hint; everyone chooses to wear black. Be original!)

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