Spark Social Regional - Hartford, CT

Spark Social Regional - Hartford, CT

Key Details

Spring 2023 Kickball
Game Day(s)
June 3rd
9:00am - 5:00pm
Spark Social - Hartford, Hartford


LI-Kick sent 3 teams and 40 players/fans to Hartford Connecticut for a Tournament organized by Spark Social. The bunt-legal regional tournament attracted teams from Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The nearby tournament allowed many more players to attend and thus LI-Kick was able to draw a more competitive field of players. LI-Kick's top team went 3-0 in pool play and made their their first finals appearance in a non LI-Kick tournament. Many players chose to stay overnight and live the travel kickball experience.

Spark Social - Hartford
Spark Social - Hartford


Life's a Pitch
Life's a Pitch
Can I Kick it?
Can I Kick it?

Additional Info

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Team 'LI-Kick' captains- Chase Gold

  • Game 1 vs. Phil Ate Me (MA), win 1 1-4
  • Game 2 vs. Wasted Flamingos (CT), win 10-2
  • Game 3 vs. Tuckers Phuckers (CT), win 5-4
  • Finished 2nd of 8 teams

Team 'Can I Kick it' captain- Carlos Upson

  • Game 1 vs. Wasted Flamingos (CT), win 3-2
  • Game 2 vs. Phil Ate Me (MA), loss 2-14
  • Game 3 vs. Rhode Rage (RI), loss 3-8
  • Finished 7 of 8 teams

Team 'Life's a Pitch' captain- Danielle Rosario

  • Game 1 vs. Tuckers Phuckers (CT), loss 5-12
  • Game 2 vs. Pitch Intense (CT), loss 0-11
  • Game 3 vs. Rhode Rage (RI), loss 9-11
  • Finished 6 of 8 teams (due to SOS modifier)

LI-Kick finished 2nd of 7 and defeated another LI-Kick team, Can I Kick it, in the first round. Meanwhile the 3rd LI-Kick team, Life's a Pitch, won their playoff game meaning that 2 LI-Kick teams met in the semi-finals, and guaranteeing Long Island representation in the finals. LI-Kick beat their hometown rivals 2-0. The finals score was 13-2 as the power house Pitch Intense team took it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive two pretournament emails. One 5 days before the tournament with general info and a second email 1-2 days before with more specific info including a schedule. You can always email with any questions.

No. You and your teammates should decide what to wear (hint; everyone chooses to wear black. Be original!)

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