WAKA - Scottsdale, AZ

WAKA - Scottsdale, AZ

Key Details

Winter 2023 Kickball
Game Day(s)
February 18th
8:30am - 2:00pm
Waka Scottsdale, AZ, TBA
Open Teams


24 LI-Kick players traveled to Arizona. The team went 1-2 against teams from SoCal, Phoenix and Scottsdale. But more importantly, they got the full travel experience including staying at a massive castle/mansion complete with a courtyard, pool, indoor basketball court and theatre. The team got to meet and party with kickball players from around the country and got to do some local sightseeing in Sedona and an abandoned mining town. 

Waka Scottsdale, AZ
Waka Scottsdale, AZ


LI-Kick Fun Games
LI-Kick Fun Games

Additional Info

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Results (click link for game video)

LI-Kick finishes 9 of 14 teams

  • Did not qualify for playofs

Our pre-ranking was 10th of 14 teams and in a pool with the 3rd, 7th and 14th seed.

  • Game 1 was against the #3 seed and was tense. Every at bat mattered. We had a few errors and a few opportunities missed which made the difference but overall a good start.
  • Game 2 against the 7th seed. A team from Phoenix. We put together a 6-0 shutout win with two big innings and error free defense.
  • Game 3 Sadly the team suffered a 2-0 upset, losing to the 14th ranked team. LI-Kick out hit their opponents 10 to 6 but we’e unable to get any across the plate

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