WAKA Connecticut

WAKA Connecticut

Key Details

Spring 2024 Kickball
Game Day(s)
June 29th
10:00am - 5:00pm
John J. Mitchell Fairgrounds
75 Brookfield Street
South Windsor, 06074
Total Teams


23 players represented LI-Kick at a tournament hosted by WAKA CT. LI-Kick has a long history of sending teams to compete in Hartford Tournaments, including our very first travel tournament. We played under 2 teams in the 8-team competitive fast-pitch division. The majority of our players were played in Semi Pro Tournament till 11pm the night before then showed up in Hartford the next day for a 9am first pitch. Playing on LI-Kick teams included 3 friends from Westchester, a friend from Florida and an available pickup from Rhode Island.

John J. Mitchell Fairgrounds
John J. Mitchell Fairgrounds


U Love NY
U Love NY
Kickball Long Island
Kickball Long Island

Additional Info

Official Tournament Website


8 teams played in the competitive division and 6 teams played in the social division. Both LI-Kick teams played in the competitive division (playing under the names U Love NY and Kickball Long Island)


  • Pool Play
  • U Love NY vs. PI & Friends, Loss 0-22
  • U Love NY vs. Kokalitas, Loss 0-4
  • U Love NY vs. RICT Wolfpack, Win 4-0
  • U Love NY vs. Fox It, Win 7-4
  • Kickball Long Island vs. WAKA Shame, Loss 1-4
  • Kickball Long Island vs. Fox It, Win 5-1
  • Kickball Long Island vs. Rhode Rage, Loss 2-9
  • Kickball Long Island vs. Kokalitas, Win 6-4


  • #6 U Love NY vs. #3 Rhode Rage, Loss 1-8
  • #5 Kickball Long Island vs. #4 Kokalitas, Loss 1-5

This tournament was hosted by the local WAKA league in Hartford. The after party was held at Revolutions. Hartford hosted LI-Kick's first ever travel team and LI-Kick has been sending teams to Hartford tournaments for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive two pretournament emails. One 5 days before the tournament with general info and a second email 1-2 days before with more specific info including a schedule. You can always email info@li-kick.com with any questions.

No. You and your teammates should decide what to wear (hint; everyone chooses to wear black. Be original!)

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