Semi Pro Kickball 2024

Semi Pro Kickball 2024

Key Details

Early Spring 2024 Kickball
Game Day(s)
May 31st
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Rosters Locked On
March 1st
Veterans Park
279 Bellerose Avenue
East Northport, 11731

What You Can Expect

Semi Pro is a monthly tournament concept that emulates professional sports. Incoming players join via a draft to foster a fair playing field and ensure close competition. Players play as a member of their franchise for the remainder of the year. Semi Pro will consist of 7 tournaments held once a month from April to October.

Additional Info

-HOW TO JOIN SEMI PRO: Join the waitlist to be notified when the next registration period opens. You cannot join Semi Pro and be placed on a franchise of your choosing, nor is placement guaranteed. Players join as an 'Available Player' enter themselves into the next monthly supplemental draft. Available players are drafted onto a franchise and play for that franchise for the rest of the tournament schedule.

Key Dates

  • Mar-19: Original 6 Franchises announced.
  • Apr-21: Winner 'Them'. Full Results, April Pics
  • May-31: Second Semi Pro Tournament, held at Veterans Park in East Northport, 7pm to 11pm
  • Jun-28: Third Semi Pro Tournament, held at Veterans Park in East Northport, 7pm to 11pm
  • Jul-26
  • Aug-30
  • Sep-27
  • Oct-25

Player Movement Log

April Available Players

  • Joe Payton (Boot Camp)
  • Rachel Oliver (Boot Camp)
  • Kristen Bagley (Riptide)
  • Christina Kahl (The Cavalry)
  • Kat Tuechler (Them)

Semi Pro Constitution

The Semi Pro Constitution provides a framework for the government of Semi Pro. It is the contract between LI-Kick, Franchises and Players. It will create a level playing field, will offering stability and mobility to players. It can only be amended with the approval of 66% of franchises.


  • Semi Pro will start with 6 franchises.
  • Players can join as a 'franchise group' or a 'draft pool' player.
  • To join as a 'franchise group', you’ll need to join in a group with exactly 3m and 3f.
  • 'Draft pool players' will get drafted onto a franchise.
  • If there are more 'franchise groups' than needed, all players will vote on which franchise groups get accepted. Those franchise group not accepted will be moved to the draft pool.
  • There is no guarantee of getting drafted if the quantity of draft pool players exceed the number of needed players.
  • The 6 franchise groups will each select 7 draft pool players to create 6 franchises of 13 players each (minimum 7 men and minimum 5 women). After the first tournament the franchise cap will increase to 14 players (max 8m and max 6f).
  • Players will belong to their franchise for the first year of Semi Pro.


Each tournament will be in the vein of Friday Night lights. Expect 3-pool play games into brackets in the span of 4 hours. Playing ‘tournament rules’ of 6m/4f with a straight through order (max 2 men back-to-back). There will be a winner of each tournament. Winners will receive medals and will take home the ‘LI-Kick Chain’ until the next tournament. Franchises will carry forward ELO, which will be used to seed pools in subsequent tournaments. 


There will be a supplemental draft of Available Players held the week before each monthly tournament The supplemental draft serves two purposes. One, it will allow new players to join & franchises to add officially add players to their roster for the remainder of the year. Two, it will allow franchises to use temporary players to account for absent players at the upcoming tournament.

·        Available Players: These are players wishing to join Semi Pro and the only way to permanently get onto a Franchise. Only available players are in the monthly supplemental draft, and when a Franchise needs a temporary player for a tournament, they must first select from players in the Available Player pool.

·        Franchise Exception: In the case an absent player was a member of the original 6 franchise group, the franchise can use any player as a replacement. The replacement player cannot be used again in any Semi Pro tournament or on any other franchises for the remainder of the year. If the replacement player wishes to continue playing, they must enter as an Available Player

There is no guarantee of getting selected in the supplemental draft (see Sal's Promises below).

Draft order will be in reverse order of standings.


·       Cut: After the May tournament, each franchise can cut one player per tournament, provided that their roster size does not stay below 13 total players (min 7m & 5f). The cut must be made within 7 days of the end of the most recent tournament. Cut players will be converted to 'Available Status'.

·        Withdrawn Players: Sometimes a player finds themselves on a franchise they don’t vibe with. After attending two consecutive tournaments, a player may withdraw themselves from their franchise and convert their status to 'Available', in hopes of getting picked by a new franchise in the next supplemental draft.

·        Dropped Players: A captain may not want an unreliable player taking up a roster spot. If a player no-shows two consecutive tournaments, the captain may issue a drop. The player's status will be converted to 'Available' and they will enter the supplemental draft.

·       Guest Player: In the case a franchise does not have enough players to enter a tournament, the players on that franchise that can play may enter the supplemental draft and be picked up as guest players for the tournament.

-Franchises are allowed to trade with an approval of 66% of franchises.

-There is a potential to add expansion franchises based on space, demand and permits.  


There is a $70 joining fee.

·        The joining fee will be prorated down for incoming players joining after the start date.

·        Players will receive a refund if they are cut/dropped and don't want to continue as an available player.

The cost to enter a tournament is $360 per franchise.

A player that plays in all 7 tournaments on a franchise of 14 will pay $250 for the complete first year of semi-pro.


This is our attempt to emulate a pro sports season, and like the pros, the reality is that not everyone who wants to play will get the chance. But I make two promises to all players.

  1. No one who doesn't get picked will have to pay.
  2. Once we establish Semi Pro, we'll attempt to add expansion franchises so more people can play.

Why are we doing this? Semi Pro addresses many issues. As much fun as it is to always play with your friends, this typically results in all the top talent being consolidated onto lopsided 'super teams' with really just 2-3 teams having a legit chance of winning a 12 team league, and paradoxically creates a situation where the top teams express frustration there aren't more quality opponents, while the bottom teams are equally frustrated about losing to the established teams. The structure of Semi Pro ensures that talent will be evenly distributed. Semi Pro also creates a contiguous 7-month structure which address the 'come and go' nature of weekly leagues that last just 7 weeks and run multiple times a week. Finally, there is a lack of competitive tournaments in the Northeast with many national tours looking over the area. Semi Pro is creating our own eco system of competitive tournaments.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can expect to receive two pretournament emails. One 5 days before the tournament with general info and a second email 1-2 days before with more specific info including a schedule. You can always email with any questions.

No. You and your teammates should decide what to wear (hint; everyone chooses to wear black. Be original!)

Registration for this Tournament is currently closed. Join the waitlist and we'll notify you if space opens up.

Join the Waitlist

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Whether your looking to land on a team or just want to meet some of your future league mates our sport specific Facebook Groups are a great way to get connected to our LI Kick community before your league begins.

Veterans Park
Veterans Park




Kickball Liberation Front
Kickball Liberation Front
Rough Riders
Rough Riders
Riptide K.C.
Riptide K.C.
The Cavalry
The Cavalry
Boot Camp
Boot Camp


Rank Team Games Played Wins Losses Draws For Against Diff Group ELO ELO Initial Tournament Wins
1. Riptide K.C. 3 3 0 0 28 14 14 1467 1400 0
2. Them 3 1 2 0 20 24 -4 1450 1400 1
3. Rough Riders 3 3 0 0 22 10 12 1441 1400 0
4. Boot Camp 3 1 2 0 13 20 -7 1376 1400 0
5. The Cavalry 3 1 2 0 15 17 -2 1355 1400 0
6. Kickball Liberation Front 3 0 3 0 13 26 -13 1311 1400 0


Week 1 April 21st
Field Time Game Type
Field A Time Slot 1 Regular Season Boot Camp 3
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1370 -30
Vincent R. [M]
Jon P. [M]
Dylan Berrian [M]
Caroline C. [F]
Jackson P. [M]
Kyle U. [M]
John Bell [M]
Liz B. [F]
Big boot baby [M]
Jasmine B. [F]
Jennifer T. [F]
Keri S. [F]
Bobby S. [M]
Them 7
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1430 +30
Deone W. [M]
Meg D. [F]
Steven J. [M]
Joe Marve [M]
Catherine D. [F]
Gabrielle Winterton [F]
Veronica M. [F]
James Z. [M]
Nick C. [M]
Steven Somma [M]
Kapish K. [M]
Kevin P. [M]
Nicole P. [F]
Field B Time Slot 1 Regular Season Kickball Liberation Front 4
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1370 -30
Rough Riders 8
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1430 +30
Field C Time Slot 1 Regular Season The Cavalry 4
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1370 -30
Riptide K.C. 9
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1430 +30
Field A Time Slot 2 Regular Season Boot Camp 9
Prev ELO: 1370 Cur ELO: 1400 +30
Kickball Liberation Front 6
Prev ELO: 1370 Cur ELO: 1340 -30
Field B Time Slot 2 Regular Season Rough Riders 5
Prev ELO: 1430 Cur ELO: 1454 +24
The Cavalry 2
Prev ELO: 1370 Cur ELO: 1346 -24
Field C Time Slot 2 Regular Season Them 9
Prev ELO: 1430 Cur ELO: 1400 -30
Riptide K.C. 12
Prev ELO: 1430 Cur ELO: 1460 +30
Field A Time Slot 3 Regular Season The Cavalry 9
Prev ELO: 1346 Cur ELO: 1375 +29
Kickball Liberation Front 3
Prev ELO: 1340 Cur ELO: 1311 -29
Field B Time Slot 3 Regular Season Riptide K.C. 7
Prev ELO: 1460 Cur ELO: 1484 +24
Boot Camp 1
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1376 -24
Field C Time Slot 3 Regular Season Them 4
Prev ELO: 1400 Cur ELO: 1375 -25
Rough Riders 9
Prev ELO: 1454 Cur ELO: 1479 +25
Field A Time Slot 4 Playoff Them 9
Prev ELO: 1375 Cur ELO: 1413 +38
Rough Riders 6
Prev ELO: 1479 Cur ELO: 1441 -38
Field B Time Slot 4 Playoff The Cavalry 2
Prev ELO: 1375 Cur ELO: 1355 -20
Riptide K.C. 7
Prev ELO: 1484 Cur ELO: 1504 +20
Field A Time Slot 5 Finals Riptide K.C. 3
Prev ELO: 1504 Cur ELO: 1467 -37
Them 9 +1 Tournament Wins
Prev ELO: 1413 Cur ELO: 1450 +37

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