2023 Foam Dodgeball Championship

2023 Foam Dodgeball Championship

Key Details

Late Fall 2023 Dodgeball
Game Day(s)
Saturday & Sunday
November 18th
8:00am - 7:00pm
Fieldhouse USA
6155 Sports Village Road
Frisco, 75033


This is Major League Dodgeball's National Championship specifically for Foam Dodgeball. 21 teams were in attendance for the national championship. Teams got 5 pool play games, followed by a single elimination bracket. The national championship took place in Dallas, TX inside the Grapevine Mall and had an after party at an arcade within the Mall!

Fieldhouse USA
Fieldhouse USA


Team Wins Losses
Grizzlies - -
Jester - -
Mass Chaos - -
Outsiders - -
Shred - -
Twisted - -

Additional Info

7 LI-Kick League Members traveled to Dallas to participate in the Foam Dodgeball Championship. They played on many different teams within the 21 team main event field.

  • Dylon played with Shred, finishing 1st of 2 teams.
  • Shota Played with Outsiders, finishing 2nd of 21 teams
  • Nick and Evan played on Jester, finishing 9th of 21 teams.
  • Derrick played with Grizzlies, finishing 10th of 21 teams,
  • Jordan Played on Mass Chaos, finishing 17th of 21 teams.

  • Jackie played with Twisted, finishing 4th of 6 teams (women's tournament)

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