Championship Week 2024



Key Details

Championship Week
Game Day(s)
April 25th
7:00pm - 11:00pm
Team Size
3 Girls Required
LI Sports Dome
5600 Old Sunrise Hwy
Massapequa, 11758
Max Teams

What You Can Expect

This is an INVITE ONLY Tournament for LI-Kick's top 8 volleyball teams. The winners will be known as LI-Kick's Volleyball champion for 2024. We are playing 3m and 3f. All players you add must have played at least one season on your team between March '23 and February '24. All rosters will be checked the week prior. Let's have a good clean tournament with a deserving champion.

Registration Details

Players can request an invite to championship week by joining the free waitlist

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Additional Info

How to Qualify: The 8 teams who have amassed the most wins from March '23 to February '24 during league play will receive a 1st tier invitations on March 8th. All qualifying data is aggregated here. First tier invites will go out March 8th. Team Captains have 1 week to accept their invitation and new invites will roll down every Friday in March. Captains will be able to enter their roster when the 8 team spots are claimed.

Teams8 teams qualify for Volleyball's Championship Tournament. It is invite only. Team captains will receive an invitation from LI-Kick HQ. Teams play with 3m/3f on the court.

Pool Play: Teams will play a random 4 game pool-play schedule. Games are to 25.

Playoffs: The top 6 teams advance to a single elimination tournament. (Teams finished 1st and 2nd will earn a bye)

Championship: The winning team will hold the Championship Week Title and have their picture featured on our webpage till 2024.


  • 07:00 Pool Play Slot 1
  • 07:20 Pool Play Slot 2
  • 07:40 Pool Play Slot 3
  • 08:00 Pool Play Slot 4
  • 08:20 Pool Play Slot 5
  • 08:40 Pool Play Slot 6
  • 09:00 Pool Play Slot 7
  • 09:20 Pool Play Slot 8
  • 09:40 3v6 and 4v5 Play-In
  • 10:00 Semi-Finals
  • 10:20 Championship

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