Championship Week 2024



Key Details

Championship Week
Game Day(s)
April 22nd
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Robbie Wagner
142 Glenwood Rd
Glenwood Landing, 11547
Max Players
16 Men & 16 Women

What You Can Expect

This is an INVITE ONLY Tournament and accepts only 16 men and 16 women. The winners will be known as LI-Kick's Pickleball champion for 2024.

Registration Details

Players can request an invite to championship week by joining the free waitlist

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Additional Info

How to Qualify: The player leaderboard and league director recommendations are considered when issuing invitations. Additionally, players can request an invite by joining the free waitlist for the event.

Players: 16 men and 16 women qualify for Pickleball's Championship Tournament.

Pool Play: There are separate tournaments for men and women. During pool play, everyone will play 6 pool play games with randomized partners and opponents each game.

Playoffs: The top 12 players (per gender) advance to a single elimination tournament. Playoff teams are formed by allowing the highest pool play finisher to pick their teammate from the available pool and so forth until 6 teams are made

Championship: The winning duos will hold the Championship Title and have their picture featured on our webpage till 2024.


  • 7:00 Pool Play Slot 1
  • 7:15 Pool Play Slot 2
  • 7:30 Pool Play Slot 3
  • 7:45 Pool Play Slot 4
  • 8:00 Pool Play Slot 5
  • 8:15 Pool Play Slot 6
  • 8:30 Pool Play Slot 7
  • 8:45 Pool Play Slot 8
  • 9:00 Playoff Play-in Games
  • 9:15 Semi Finals
  • 9:30 Championship

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