The Beat-alls

Fall 2021 Kickball Freeport Thursday Nights

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The Beat-alls
The Beat-alls
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Team Group Games Played Wins Losses Bar Points
The Beat-alls Blossom 1 0 1 210


Week 1 September 16th
Field Time
Field D 7:00PM Panda-Monium 13 +170BPs
Liz B. [F]
Lexi D. [F]
Rob H. [M]
Ololade A. [M]
Vincent R. [M]
Kayla B. [F]
Jason R. [M]
Steve J. [M]
Kat T. [F]
Rebecca K. [F]
Ashley P. [F]
Brendan L. [M]
Chris P. [M]
Kaitlyn O. [F]
April F. [F]
Edward G. [M]
The Beat-alls 4 + 210BPs
Evan S. [M]
Matthew T. [M]
Eileen C. [F]
Chris T. [M]
Jen R. [F]
Tom R. [M]
Anthony B. [M]
Nyquasha S. [F]
Ally W. [F]
Liz I. [F]
Eddie R. [M]
steven p. [M]
Daury M. [M]
Garet R. [M]
Jeff D. [M]
Week 2 September 23rd
Field Time
Field B 8:00PM Fam Jam The Beat-alls
Week 3 September 30th
Field Time
Field D 7:00PM Rum Around the Mile The Beat-alls
Field C 8:00PM The Beat-alls Behold, the city of Freeport
Week 5 October 5th - THEME WEEK
Field Time
Field C 7:00PM The Beat-alls Salisbury Girthquakes
Week 5 October 14th
Field Time
Week 6 October 21st
Field Time