Special Forces

Spring '21 Kickball Heckscher Wednesday

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Special Forces
Special Forces
Seasons Played
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League Standings

Team Group Wins Losses Bar Points
Special Forces Division 1 1 0 200


Week 1 May 5th
Week 2 May 12th
Field Time
Field D 7:00pm Recess Rejects 7 +200BPs
Mike H. [M]
Jared P. [M]
Amanda B. [F]
Caitlin H. [F]
Edward H. [M]
Joe P. [M]
Matt T. [M]
Toniann L. [F]
Kristina M. [F]
Gerard R. [M]
Jackie D. [F]
Chris H. [M]
Courtney G. [F]
Special Forces 15 +200BPs
Stefanie D. [F]
Daniel C. [M]
Rob H. [M]
Ololade A. [M]
Veronica M. [F]
Shaneovia S. [F]
Katie M. [F]
Francesco D. [M]
Nick B. [M]
Karen O. [F]
Erin S. [F]
Christopher B. [M]
Brian S. [M]
Week 3 May 19th
Field Time
Field A 7:00pm Drinks and dingers Special Forces
Week 4 May 26th
Field Time
Field D 7:00pm Special Forces You Can't Kick with Us
Week 5 June 2nd
Field Time
Field A 6:00pm Finger Guns and Sac Bunts Special Forces
Week 6 June 9th
Field Time
Field A 6:00pm Tequila Mockingbirds Special Forces
Week 7 June 16th
Field Time
Week 8 June 23rd
Field Time