Born to do it

Spring 2021 Soccer Monday Nights 8:15pm - 10:15pm

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Born to do it
Born to do it
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League Standings

Team Games Played Points Wins Draws Losses Group For Against Diff
Born to do it 1 3 1 0 0 Division 2 10 4 6


Week 1 May 10th
Field Time
Field 3 9:15 PM Born to do it 10
Kenneth S. [M]
Michael G. [M]
Sal F. [M]
Ken V. [M]
Joseph V. [M]
Shane M. [M]
Abby H. [F]
Marisa V. [F]
Alyssa P. [F]
Game of Throw Ins 4
Christina M. [F]
Samantha S. [F]
Alexandra T. [F]
Ricardo M. [M]
David B. [M]
Daniel T. [M]
William G. [M]
Jonathan S. [M]
Week 2 May 17th
Field Time
Field 3 8:15 PM Ball Busters Born to do it
Week 3 May 24th
Field Time
Field 2 9:15 PM Independiente F.C. Born to do it
Week 4 May 31st
Field Time
Field 1 8:15 PM Net Six & Chill Born to do it
Week 5 June 7th
Field Time
Field 1 9:15 PM Big Wahoo Born to do it
Week 6 June 14th
Field Time
Week 7 June 21st
Field Time